Le restaurant gastronomique les Tourelles

Le restaurant gastronomique les Tourelles


Gastronomic Restaurant : Les Tourelles

In the living rooms, those romantic trend are sometimes modernized, sometimes traditionnal, but always with delicacy and creativity. Le Château d’Apigné has reconciled the old traditions with the modernity. The gastronomic restaurant offer moments where we discover or rediscover a generous meal. With a 60 persons capacity distributed in two living rooms, le gastronomic resraurant provide a creative and refined cook, and finely mix local products and worldwide tradions.

Menu of the Restaurant

Les Tourelles proposes you seasonal menu imagined according to the Chef’s inspirations.

Restaurant openings

Tuesday: dinner
Wednesday: dinner
Thursday: lunch and dinner
Friday: lunch and dinner
Saturday: dinner
Sunday: lunch
(Opening 7/7 for groups, birthdays, receptions).

 Nicolas Briand, chef cook

When he was 10 years old, he already knew it : « i will be cook ! »he said. Nicolas joined a classic cooking training at the Hotelier’s high school of St Meen Le Grand. Nicolas complete his training while working with wellknown head chefs at Le Château de Locguenolé, Le Bretagne at Questembert and Le Juana of Juan les Pins.

Jean Piere Jacob, 2 stars chef of Le Bateau Ivre of Bourget’s Lake and Courchevel, took the young chef under his wing, and Nicolas by following the advices of chief Jacob, continue his formation in Asia, where he got many professional experiments in Singapor, philippine, Thailand… And it’s finally in Russia that nicolas will perfect his knowledge for 6 years as Chef.

Back to the sources, it’s in the restaurant « Les Tourelles » of Le Château d’Apigné that Nicolas decided to exercise his talents. In a classical way, Nicolas’art is to sublimate the food’s quality to get the authentic taste. His compositions mix finely local and season products, that will, for sure, surprised you.